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Thanks for finding Radio Enthusiast. We're here to help radio listeners of every interest get the most out of their passion. The focus is on reviews and commentary on radio and related resources: equipment, books, web sites, discussion forums, the radio indusrtyand more.  I started the blog to help you find the wide range of information and material you can use to make your radio explorations more interesting and rewarding.

Although ubiquitous in our lives, radio isn't what it used to be. The march of technology is changing how audio is delivered. For its first seven decades of existence, it was almost entirely via analog signals sent over the airwaves to a box in our homes, cars, or on our person.

That model has been inescapably transformed. Today, analog over-the-air broadcasting is being slowly replaced by digital broadcasting, satellite radio, internet radio, podcasts and mobile device audio. There is a growing segment of the population who have never used an actual radio, or if they have, don’t realize it. But that doesn’t mean that radio is dead, or even dying.

The Radio Enthusiast blog endeavors to cover the full range of the spectrum, methodology and history. Electronic transmission of music and the spoken word have played a central role in our history and culture for over a century. It will continue to do so, regardless of how the delivery systems change. The medium is not the message; the message is still the focus. Radio Enthusiast will help you find interesting and unique resources, for both the message and messenger.

Radio broadcasting is mostly thought of as a one-way medium. Today, that’s not true. In that spirit, I hope you will see this blog as two-way and post your comments and questions. I will do my best to answer every query.

Again, thanks for finding Radio Enthusiast.

Good Listening.

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